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this is a long OBAMA BALL post. you've been warned.

so. i did it. i finally reached the grand and glorious milestone of 1000 posts on the forums. that means i'm cool now. yipee. i would write some sappy i'm sure you guys have been through this song and dance a thousand (heh) times. so i'll get it out of the way quickly. yadda yadda never thought i'd get this yadda yadda whatever. lemme just start thanking folks who've made my road to 1k and in general my life on the forums very rich and full of shits, giggles, pointless arguments, tierlists, and femboys. so now's the part of the post where i make a list of people i want to thank, and where you complain that you weren't mentioned even though i haven't interacted with you!

staring off my list of thanks is

  • pact, swaglord, always fun to talk to you, even if you're a sissy femboy
  • Wendigo, idiot extraordinaire, but always good to hear from you
  • dios, you never fail to have a quip that makes me grin
  • Scott, your insight is always accepted, even if your undying love for astolfo isn't
  • cohen, also swag, even if you're based
  • doodama, one of the funniest people i've interacted with, never stop being a shitter, dude
  • Dylan, for being the king of LMAD
  • jeck, for making the mostest based revival i've ever been on
  • RectangleMan, he's awesome and funny
  • checkers, "im not in here so this post sucks"
  • Kindred, you're a dipshit and i love the fact that you are one
  • whiteroach, for some of the most thoughtful posts i've read
  • Most of the community
  • The rest of the staff team for running the show and making sure (mostly) everything is smooth sailing. i know the community doesn't show it often, but we appreciate all you do.

And thank you for reading the entirety of the post. Thank you for making Finobe the shitpost ridden, chaotic and wild clusterfuck of a website and community it is.

We are Finobe.

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oh ok

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im not in here so this post sucks

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dios held me at gunpoint to make this even though i'm tired af

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no that’s a lie

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I'm a SHITTER DUDE??? 💩💩💩💩🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽 Edit: you can keep the shitter dude on there toy didn't have to remove it

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congrats :D

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ok, but where am i at?

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To everyone saying what about "me", don't worry what he means by "and the community" it means everyone else that exist on the site, I wanted to get this out so the one's that don't have their name shown, that's why he said "and the community".