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This post doesn't need to be long.

Basically a bunch of MAGA folks went to DC, then went to the white house area, then got over the gate, then went to the white house, then got into the white house. Some of them managed to get to the senate room. It looks like one person has been shot so far but no other casualties at the moment. This does not make the country look good, and we are currently 6 days into 2021 and this is only one of the things that has happened so far.

Politics are approaching boiling point on both sides and I am afraid to see what happens when Biden gets sworn in. Luckily I don't live near DC and the nearest city to me is around 15-20 minutes away (not a very big one should I add) but things are going to get ugly in the coming days.

If there's any more significant things that happen from this I'll either update this post or just make a new one if it's something really big.

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looking hasty af

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This situation is horrible, Politics is starting to scare me, What'll happen next?

also i edited this because honestly I think my first comment sucked.

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im just saying you may not be able to use social media by jan. 19th, 10:58pm

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also i heard the person who got shot was a young woman who was shot in the neck, some are saying it was the capitol police who shot her but i don't really believe that

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This was a terrorist attack, these people are domestic terrorists

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It was the US Court House that was stormed not white house. I'm still hopeful of 2021 even if this happened, it's just the beginning of 2021, don't get your hope down already now. But yes I was scared earlier, but now I'm more calm, this wont really go any where probably and the police got it all under control, hopefully. I saw it live on the news, the police were pushing back the raiders, which is good. I'm just mad that trump supports this too, this isn't even protest it's terrorism because they are acting violent in a government-building where the raiders gun pointed the people in it and the people had to evacuate, thankfully no one important has died in this scary event today.

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Everything in the US have become chaotic at this point. It'll take a while for things to calm down. I don't want to get frustrated but I am because I don't want these events constantly happening. While I don't live in the US, I am tired of listening to all of the madness of the world. I apologize if this offends anyone but 2020 has made me very upset in myself.

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pretty scary situation over there especially with that poor woman dying, some people also set up gallows near the court house, i hope everything over there goes well

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exhibit #789 of why american politics are cringe

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Yup. Those were dumb rioters. Don't get me wrong, its fine if you support Trump. I don't care. But storming into the Capitol causing people to be arrested, killed, and knowing that this won't change the election at all is just downright stupid. RIP the four people that died.