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Original Post - 01/06/2021 8:13 PM


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donald trump the man who tweets in his sleep said prepare for i believe a "march" on dc on january 6th

and thus today occured

probably about 2 million people were surrounding the capitol building, one woman got shot, feds were sent, homeland security was sent, they hesitated to send the national guard for a good hour meanwhile police were overwhelmed, this entire thing occured for 5 hours until most people went home because the national guard was being called and heres what happened

  1. mayor declared 6:00 kerfew

  2. national guard was being called down finally and most protestors left

  3. some stuff was stolen (i believe a hard drive and a podium)

  4. 1 woman got killed

  5. donald trump made a response that's going to bite him in the sonic 06, later to be deleted by twitter.

  6. we regain control of the capitol after most of them left.

  7. your local politicans who are assholes trying to be heroes sums this up

what a crazy day i remember when he tweeted that

Reply - 01/06/2021 8:24 PM


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the girl got shot in the neck right?

Reply - 01/06/2021 9:59 PM


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I'm honestly tired of all the ignorant dumbasses in my country, even the government is corrupt, they don't do about what's going on except sit there and watch it happen

they honestly are gonna have to drag him screaming and crying from the whitehouse..

Reply - 01/06/2021 11:26 PM


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im tired of it too, i just want everything to be okay again.

though that probably wont happen any time soon given the lunatics that are in power.

Reply - 01/06/2021 11:48 PM


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And that Trump got suspended on Facebook and Twitter.. not that that's relevant. These people are the most extreme butthurt people I've come across.

Reply - 01/07/2021 12:02 AM *(edited)


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this week has just been a complete shitshow. first with the carson situation happening, then this.

this country is disgusting. we have an actual almighty idiot of a troglodyte doing everything in his power to stay in power, and it's sickening. how do people let this slide? my grandparents and mother fled their country because of a dictatorship, and my grandmother today said she was having flashbacks. this is absolutely despicable and gut-wrenching to me, as someone who's family has been traumatized and has PTSD as a result from living under a dictatorship is get flashbacks. i hope all the people who let this happen and participated in such a vile act are rightfully arrested and spend decades behind bars like the human sonic 06 they love feeling while they stick their fingers up the president's OBAMA BALL.

i don't like getting political/heated like this, but jesus christ on the motherfucking cross, this act of terrorism pissed me the off. i haven't even really scratched the surface.

Reply - 01/10/2021 1:36 AM


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@innocence would you rather have joe biden, a sleepy creepy clown with dementia as president.

Reply - 01/10/2021 3:40 AM


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politics bring out the worst in people

Reply - 01/10/2021 4:27 AM


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2021 2020 the sequel

Reply - 01/10/2021 2:35 PM *(edited)


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@October, in all honesty, i'd rather that we focus on y'know, saving our planet.

i don't honestly give two flying fucks about politics or whatever party is in office, as long as they do their job. donald trump, in my opinion, has not done his job.