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Original Post - 01/15/2021 10:41 AM


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He came back a few days later after the first "suicide" attempt and acted like nothing happened.

Earlier today, he announced that's he's hanging himself and we were all worried for him but I was skeptical because of the other suicide attempt. He then left and came back 2 minutes later saying his heavy duty HDMI cord snapped while trying to hang himself with it. This is when we learnt that he's just a liar. I don't like accusing people of faking it but it's too obvious he's just doing it for the attention and nothing other than that.

Reply - 01/15/2021 10:46 AM


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  1. It's kinda sad to see some of the stupid that people will do for attention. Suicide is a real problem we have in this world and he's just faking it to be liked.
  2. If this were to happen, who the would use an hdmi cable for that?
Reply - 01/15/2021 10:47 AM *(edited)


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I'm somewhat glad my suspicions from your previous post regarding this being fake was right but I feel bad that you have such a friend.

If I was in your place, I'd immediately call them out. No beating around the bush. If they threaten suicide again, just don't contact them again. If they apologise and don't repeat this mistake, great.

Also.. try to distance yourself from these people. It might sound a bit rude but people who have mental issues often take a toll on other's health too. They need a therapist or a psychiatrist, more importantly.

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tbh i don't really count him as my friend he's just a guy we talk to on the chatroom

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Your friend is a malinger

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Hes probably one of those that wants attention, is he?

Reply - 01/15/2021 10:56 AM *(edited)


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If hes trying to literally fake a serious problem just to get attention then hes probably a huge loser. stuff like that shouldnt be joked/faked, just ignore it. if he realizes that he gets nothing out of it hes going to stop trying to do it as he knows that people know its fake so just like that other person said just call them out or ignore them

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Lying about suicide for attention isn't cool.

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What a scumbag. Someone I knew did that, and they would often use it to manipulate my friend and try and gain pity points. Hate people like that.

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He isn't a friend at all then,

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you should either abandon the dude or talk to him about how faking suicide is the most foolish thing to do