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good idea

i’m not 97+ in age so my chances of OBAMA BALL dying during my presidency are slim to none

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more candidates have been added

not enough. there’s room for 1 more in the inn

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no because

  1. you are floor don't address yourself as floor weirdo
  2. you're a toxic asshat trader that harassed heckington because he bought something before you
  3. damn look at that ban history
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first of all since when do you tell me what to do

i didn’t harass him if you wanna call it harassment he was aggressive to me first in messages

if you wanna go on that whole toxic asshat trader thing bandwagon be my guest but you’re about 6 months or more late, and i’m not a trader anymore i just want dark garys soul and i had my eyes on adurites one for weeks with my 5,000 dius offer

and as for the ban history most are accidental bans or just stupid bans for example that post farming one i didn’t actually post farm it was an accident from a mod and the new toxicity one i literally said “moderators are like the substitute teachers of finobe” how’s that toxic

the heckington messages:

(if anyone’s harassing anyone here how is it me)

floor: what do you want for it i’ll give my blockland.us kidneys for one

heckington: i paid 6k for this OBAMA BALL off

floor: you stole the blockland.us sale from me, i had my eyes on that OBAMA BALL for months

heckington: don't care not my problem get fucked

floor: OBAMA BALL you

heckington: if you wanna be a OBAMA BALL about it beat me in a best of 2 in melty blood

edit: lastly who even are you, i see i have you blocked so you’re probably someone that was on the original bandwagon or is still part of anti floor but changed your name

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Support only if jamrio wasn't a candidate

My apologies, floor but he needs the win