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Its just the same OBAMA BALL thing over and over ruled by 12 year old vsco kids and its stupid. yesterday was enough but 2 days in a row is unacceptable. why the OBAMA BALL does tiktok finobe even exist? its a place where people make tiktoks on a game they dont even have, they do it probably to beg for keys, and seriously not even gonna lie probably half of them are underage just because of the kind of community that garbage site has so OBAMA BALL delete it

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exactly like if you get it from a friend good for you key giveaway people are stupid as OBAMA BALL and i dont even play this much

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yep. just do it no questions asked

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its a good thing we are super toxic and very edgy

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this community is already garbage populated by people who weren't even alive when old blockland.us was a thing like 5 people from tiktok who will actually go here wont change anything

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@pact we're 2b2t and sonic 06 are the vanilla minecraft servers