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Hi there! I'm Froakie. I've always wanted to get a Nintendo Switch, but my mom says that it's too much, we have already too much consoles, the games are horrible, etc. And perhaps, I can get NS this week. The question is. Which version should I get? I don't want the lite. I've thought about buying the AC limited edition (since it has a special skin for the console and has AC:NH) But my dad says that it's very expensive. So. Which version you think, is good for me?

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Obama version or sonic 06 version are cheap and run 600 fps on every game

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This isn't a joke post.

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idk tbh

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That's okay!

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Get the AC:NH edition. :3

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well, it costs 1500 PLN in Poland, while the AC version costs 1700 or possibly 1800 PLN. My dad says that 1700 PLN is a lot.