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Original Post - 04/07/2021 8:42 PM *(edited)


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Getting bored of sonic 06, it lost originality over the years. Does anybody know what other game I could play? Another thing is, I hate online school. I hate quarantine. I've been lacking in social interaction, having no friends since 2017 (7th grade) and I wish I could move out of my house since I'm turning 17 next month, I have one more year to go when I turn into an adult. Maybe I should start going outside this summer or try sneaking out lol, I really hate sitting inside all the time. I feel like I'm missing out on life. I wonder if anyone is experiencing the same as me.

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I highly recommend team fortress 2, just use the community servers option.

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Sounds like a good idea, I'll give TF2 a shot. Never got to play it before in the past

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I hope you enjoy TF2, btw I know exactly what u mean by not finding satisfaction in anything. happens way too much for me, best I can tell you is to keep pushing for a goal on a game and let that motivate you.

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tf2 is good just

please for the love of god don’t join casual

(there’s so many bots)

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Trust us, TF2 is really fun. Community can be kinda whack at times, but that goes for nearly all communities. Most interactions I've had with people on there have been positive, so take that as you will.

Also don't play casual, community servers only. At least, until Valve eventually patch out bots for a week in 2024.

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i agree sonic 06 has lost its originality, something needs to happen so they revert 40% of their decisions.


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People are only suggesting TF2, here's my suggestion: find what you actually like, it could be any game or thing, if you like it check if there's a community for it, try fitting into the community, and you might actually enjoy it!

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Get killed by ss waffen bot speedrun any%

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Life is about living, live life how YOU want.

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Damn right Bimmy, based/right as always. That's how life is! You live it the way you want it to be