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It's a great community. People are always friendly to one another, they are especially nice to newcomers and they always make them feel welcome.

The games are without a doubt to be the best anyone can play. The clients run very well too. You even get to play 2016 and 2012 places, two clients, one website, is that smart or what!

The admins are just the kindest souls, they will always be there when you need them. You can count on them!

The forums are filled with helpful information if you have any questions or looking to have a friendly conversation with other users.

But most of all, Finobe is about caring, and we care because we are Finobe.

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whatever happened to this kind of shitposting?

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finobe is great and i love it nobody is mean to me here there are no bad words it is cool my mom lets me play it

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Yeah! Finobe Rocks!! We always keep our cool!

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We have a very toxic and mean community. I don't recommend trying to be friends with anyone here. If someone wants you banned, you will get banned. No avoiding.

Everyone hates every game, especially hangout games. (Basically they all suck)

Some of the admins are nice. (For example: cheri, Zlarb, Uni, Conkley)

The forum is filled with shitposts.

But most of all, Finobe is about putting your games on your not-phone*

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^ Ur mad

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SHITPOSTERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHITPOST POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't mind Quorbit, she's just kidding! We like to have fun here.

In Finobe, the word blockland.us means Love.

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I'm not kidding or either mad. This community is so sonic 06 they literally got me banned just because they don't like me. They keep on hating me talking about me and blockland.us making fun out of me. Tell me how is this called a "PEACEFULL AND FRIENDLY COMMUNITY"

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finobe good!