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People can literally open programs on your PC if you join a game, basically giving them access to your entire computer. In this case, the calculator was opened just for demonstration purposes, but what if it wasn't just the calculator app? Exploiters could..

  • infect your computer with viruses
  • get access to your browser passwords
  • get access to your files
  • literally anything.

The 2007 client is a cool client, but it has horrendous security issues. That's why it's being removed - it's ridiculous how many vulnerabilities it has. It (or any older client we happen to find) are never coming back - if 2007 is already this bad, imagine what 2006 would have been like. I hope you understand that 2007 is a horribly unsafe client, and you are literally risking your entire computer by playing it online.

You can play 2012 - and yes, we're aware of the Windows 7 bug on 2012. Don't quote me on this because I'm not a client developer, but I assume that bug will be fixed soon. We're not sure if we will ever add another "classic" client again (pre-2010), but if we do, I assume that it'll be 2009. Again, I'm not a client developer, so don't take my word for that.

Hopefully you understand our reason for removing 2007 now - it's fun, but it's a terrible, laggy, ridiculously vulnerable client. That's why it's being removed from Finobe and never coming back.

tl;dr: you are at risk of OBAMA BALL up your computer if you play 2007

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Alright, fair enough.

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tbh i dont care i never platyed 2007 anysydfgvsad

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There's always RBXLegacy for the 2008 clients, and I think I have heard that RBXLegacy might release the 2007 client as well. Who knows, maybe the 2007 client might be modified and maybe be released again?

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Let's hope a 2009 client happens. 2007 was too laggy anyway.

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RBXLegacy already has 2007 client

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dont play 2007

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Everyone was hyped for 2007 however during when 2007 was alive on finobe no one used it.

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im happy with the 2014 client that will come, i origiannly joined sonic 06 in 2012 but only played for 1 day then left, the reason is because i had a laggy computer back then, then i rejoined sonic 06 in 2014 and had lots of fun, unfortunately most of my sonic 06 accounts were deleted for dumb reasons such as controversial speech, but the point is, 2014 was fun compared to 2015 2016 2017 and present, things started going downhill in 2015 and after that it only got worst.

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Guys, I have tried the real 2007 client, And it was incredibly unsafe, I got over 10 warnings by Windows Defender, That is why it is really unsafe to have, For me, With the real client, I lose access to all other stuff running, So, That is why I am glad, (2009+ does not do the lose access thing.)

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Well i saw most people download 2012