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I was just playing Watch Dogs and there was a red bar on the top of the screen then there was a bunch of white pixels then the TV went black. my room smelled like burning medicine and my dad says that the smell is fried electronics

rip my dad's old TV that was given to me 2007/2008-2018

this is so sad can we get a F in the chat

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gives F

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Salutes may God lead his way into electro-heaven

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F big

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to be fair though it was used a lot when my dad played on his PS3 in 2009ish and I used to play it all day long in 2017 and 2018

I also have to wait a month my dad is going to buy a new TV that will be smaller then the dead TV but it'll be a smart TV

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I have a microwave from 1903 and it still works to this day

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My parents got me a way better smart TV a few days ago

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ayo i might‘ve hacked you once on there

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someone also took my old TV and I think they might repair it because only the video chip is fried the sound, ports and other stuff work fine

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