2012 v1.8.1 is out
Original Post - 2018/12/05 4:06:05 PM

so we can look at funny bans bans bans bans

Reply - 2018/12/05 4:16:03 PM

yes yes yes

Reply - 2018/12/05 4:17:40 PM

https://finobe.com/forum/post?id=35251 read raymonf’s second post on this thread. good lesson imo. stop being nosey.

Reply - 2018/12/05 4:19:01 PM

Tommy [o]


no, the public ban list is unnecessary

Reply - 2018/12/05 5:12:01 PM

shucks shucks shucks

Reply - 2018/12/05 11:56:14 PM

♂ Scott [-]

yes,do it

Reply - 2018/12/06 12:31:49 AM

Tommy [o]


yes, clearly ray and other staff should be bothered by people wondering what bans that don't affect them mean just so you can go "haha that guy was banned for being racist"

Reply - 2018/12/06 7:46:15 AM

♂ Scott [-]

@Tommy You're saying that as if the ban list never existed and they have to put in effort to make one again.

Reply - 2018/12/06 8:40:59 AM

TheLostAdmin [o]


your not getting access to the ban list again. deal with it thanks

Reply - 2018/12/06 8:49:54 AM

I wouldn't really care anyways. I remember a few weeks back when I couldn't stop laughing at some of the names. Kinda sad that we can no longer view the ban list, but Raymonf had a reason. He was annoyed by users sending emails about why another user was banned for this certain reason.

Reply - 2018/12/06 10:28:01 AM

@scott yes