Original Post - 2018/12/05 8:12:50 PM

hey guys your gay furry jew is here

i want to ask a question, why do people post farm (i know its little but i still want to ask this question) because you cant even see peoples posts actually i think staff can see your posts but like its only staff lmao

anyways super jew out

Reply - 2018/12/05 11:55:18 PM

♂ Scott [-]

What do you mean by post farm exactly?? Do you mean people replying to every post or just shitposting everywhere?

Reply - 2018/12/06 6:19:54 PM

i'm not post farming

Reply - 2018/12/06 7:22:31 PM

same reason why people randomly friend request you

Reply - 2018/12/07 6:14:55 AM

well not exactly the same when people continue to post-farm they try to spam or do something as the same like say they made some post "WAT IS UR LAST 2 IDS OF UR ACCOYUNT!N!N!!!!!" that's basically that and it's annoying as (kinery did november 9) and i'm questioning why do people do it in the first place

Reply - 2018/12/07 6:22:18 AM

TheLostAdmin [-]


only admins can see posts so its pointless

Reply - 2018/12/08 12:04:03 PM

that's what i was talking about, like why keep post-farming