2012 v1.8.1 is out
Original Post - 2018/12/06 1:37:48 PM

♂ Reece [o]

it's going to be a yikes from me

Reply - 2018/12/06 2:47:29 PM

♂ Brad [-]

has anyone even cared about the rewinds for the past 3 years?

Reply - 2018/12/06 4:57:30 PM

purely dissapointing lmao

Reply - 2018/12/06 5:26:31 PM

its decent

Reply - 2018/12/07 7:05:11 AM

♂ Scott [-]

Every one I've seen was trash.

Reply - 2018/12/07 7:23:45 AM

TheLostAdmin [o]


i havent seen it yet

Reply - 2018/12/07 7:48:16 AM

Neither have I.

Reply - 2018/12/07 9:16:13 AM

hooh the dislikes

Reply - 2018/12/07 10:18:33 AM

♂ LEL [o]

I only watched 1/3 of it before I paused.

Reply - 2018/12/07 10:37:31 AM

After watching all of them again, I’ve come to the conclusion that Youtube rewind became more and more about the highlights of the internet as a whole and less about what actaully came from the Youtube platform. There were a lot more creators who started their careers and gained recognition from Youtube in 2013’s rewind than 2014’s rewind and so on and so on. I also noticed how there were barely any youtubers who actually were even relevent this year or had no real impact on the site this year. That’s how I feel about the situation.

Reply - 2018/12/07 11:02:20 AM

♂ Holy [-]

it was big gay