Original Post - 2018/12/06 4:18:00 PM

I cant launch any game without it saying that I have an outdated driver, or that it crashes. I've tried everything i can, i dont think its going to work anymore

Reply - 2018/12/06 4:22:52 PM

banned alt intensifies

Reply - 2018/12/06 4:24:35 PM

never had an alt lol

Reply - 2018/12/06 4:36:49 PM

try to restart your pc ? pm an admin maybe he can answer you

Reply - 2018/12/06 9:13:10 PM

♂ Scott [o]

Ask someone who has the client.

Reply - 2018/12/06 9:24:48 PM

thank you guys for helping me, I found a solution.

Reply - 2018/12/06 9:30:47 PM

You have a banned alt. You cannot have banned alts. Or else, you cannot play the client. Unless you ask an admin to unban the alt.

Reply - 2018/12/07 10:13:20 AM

i dont have an alt