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Original Post - 2019/01/11 1:49:20 PM

when dius were called OwOs

Reply - 2019/01/11 3:07:35 PM

i know about the hosting thing but not the OwOs

Reply - 2019/01/11 3:49:43 PM

i don't remember owos at all, (well vaguely) even though i had joined a month after finobe had been made, but the hosting, i loved that.

Reply - 2019/01/11 4:21:29 PM

heh‘ time flies

Reply - 2019/01/11 4:31:42 PM

Waiting for a new good server to appear was a pain

Reply - 2019/01/11 4:58:47 PM

i dont remember owos but I do remember you had to host

Reply - 2019/01/11 5:01:21 PM

i do remember owos yes

Reply - 2019/01/11 5:03:22 PM

TheLostAdmin [o]



Reply - 2019/01/11 5:30:40 PM

yes i remember hosting

Reply - 2019/01/11 5:49:32 PM

I don't particularly remember OwOs, but I do know the absolute pain of hosting. Having to port forward and all that sonic 06. Though it had the benefit of completely terrorizing and changing your own game in an instant, I definitely prefer the places system.

Reply - 2019/01/11 6:14:25 PM

I remember hosting, OwOs wasn’t the currency when I join.