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Two weeks after jimmy and his mom and dad died, and bully died and his parents remarried and burnt down the orphanage and caused jimmy's death.

Bully's parents: Oh no we're in jail

Police guy: Thats what you get for being rude to a pirate burning stuff

somwehere else...

timmy, jimmy's younger brother: oh no my family is dead!

timmy's alcoholic aunt: STOP CRYING IDIOT

timmy: crys

at school

principal: omg timmy thats so sad! Bully was one of our smartest students.

timmy: and the worst part is that bully still has my lunch money in his body

timmy: help my auntie is mean and uncle is still getting milk for the past 3 years and hasnt come back to stop her

school counselor: wow thats interesting but i sure dont care

timmy: :c

school counselor: wait IS THAT A HOODIE! DETENTION

In detetion

timmy: waaaa aunt is gonna be so mad at meeeee

tough kid: shut up twerp or ill use you as a weapon to beat my abusive parents!

timmy: I habe idea!!! smart one too! use me to beat up my ant!

tough kid: good idea i like the way you think. befriends timmy

On theur way ti timmys hose

Ghost of bully: Timmy I came back from ded to worn yu

timmy: aahh ghost

ghst of bully: my parents are going to do somethig very bad whetaver u do dontt ger youir ant in jail

timmy: why shuild i trusst u bowly

ghst of bully: tough kid is my brother

timmy: ok i willnt get aunt in jail but ill still teach her a lessom

ghost of bully: noooo fades away

later at timmys house


timmy: hes gonna make you not sell my blood for drinkk money

tough kid: beats up aunt

aunt: gets a dui and is arrested and goes to jail

aunt: but timmy i calls you stupid becasu i wanyed yio to prove me wrong

timmy: oh no look out behind you its bully's parents!

bullys parent's: beats up aunt

timmy s jailed aunt: timmy your uncle isnt looking for milk he died in a car crash. dies

tough kid: mom dad why you do this

police guy: oh no its death row for you two

later at the execution

police: any last word

bullys mom: son im sorry i wasa bad parent but i still love yyuo

bullys dad: what do you mean stacy we didnt eben want kids. both die from lethal injection

timmy: what about us

police guy: me and my wife will adopt you

timmy and tough kid: yaaaaay

On their way home

timmy: aaa look out

tough kid: aaaaaaa

police guy: driving car. ih no!

They dies in car crash

timmy's uncle who faked his death: timmy oh nooo! I just found the perfect gallon of milk!

like if you cry every time

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This is so sad alexa play intruder alert by valve orchestra

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ok this made me cry ;(

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i cried and i lain on the floor. :'(

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I am cri irl