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In recent research by me and a few investigators, we have discovered Gott's secret life. He was confirmed to be an Alien, until now!

Last week, Gott was seen outside my house stalking me because I recently discovered his secret: https://i.imgur.com/KgzrJzM.png

A few days later, I finally caught him! I tazed him with my tazer when he wasn't looking and brought him to my secret lab. After I done a series of experiments, I have concluded that Gott wasn't just an Alien... But also... A CRUSTACEAN! He was a Crab that dressed like people! But that could only mean... Crab People! I should have known! Gott was one of the Crab People! Crabs that came from outer space and dress like people! Well I have him locked away in my basement, that crikey Crustacean won't be getting out anytime soon. I will keep an eye on Gott, and I will share more info with you guys very soon. 🦀THE WORLD MUST KNOW!🦀

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he Gott tased


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ha gott(em) xd im so funny

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Gott must be locked in a cage immediately.

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Ahoy, me bucko! I like money.