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Original Post - 2019/07/12 1:07:12 AM

Im fucked. How dose finobe know about my alt accounts? I may have to leave finobe all admins know I have alt accounts and how??? This freaks me out this could really screw me over...

Reply - 2019/07/12 1:13:05 AM

because they are linked to the same ip

Reply - 2019/07/12 1:13:50 AM


Reply - 2019/07/12 1:23:29 AM

Also nothing's going to happen as long as you do not make another alt

Reply - 2019/07/12 1:24:05 AM

Dude I have 2 alts! Also We all know what we have tried on alts

Reply - 2019/07/12 1:44:44 AM

I have 2 alts too... you can have 3 accounts, and that is it

Reply - 2019/07/12 2:40:44 AM

oh thank goodness well then this topic is now closed thank you for posting.