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For everyone who is making a big deal of new users joining the site, do not do that please. We are welcoming to new players all the time. Just because one person made a video on finobe doesn’t mean you have to attack them, have a little bit of a grudge or start a fuss on it. If users are under 13 we will give them SSC since they aren’t suppose to be onsite without being 13. Otherwise just welcome new users to the site. You were once that person and you should welcome them too.

Thats all I wanted to say. Thank you. (●´ω`●)

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2/3 of the comments in this thread: inb4 locked

me: what's SSC?

Edit: Strict safe chat

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if they’re toxic they can at least conform

also inb4 locked

magnanimous maximus

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they are under! 13 wtf

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Why ssc?

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Lol it was fun when new users came i sent alot of frs to new users and they always pmed me lol

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was this thread made because of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nouY1ugddcI&t=452s ah trashblox promoting hate.. here we go again

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here b4 lock

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I am going to make a reply about replying before the thread gets locked

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I really dont hope this gets bad. because him getting new players on here could be good. but his audience are people under 13. were concerned about this because finobe already has underage people on here. The building games are gonna be even worse with kids being on here. and their gonna make finobe not that good to be in.