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Welcome to the [Unofficial] 2016 Installer/Client Support Megathread!

This thread is to automatically help you with any common issues you may have while installing or using the Finobe 2016 client.
This is currently a WIP, and any new issues that are fixable will be logged here.
If issues still persist or are not mentioned here, DM me at pizzaboxer#7142, or ask in the #help channel of the Finobe discord.
A 2012 Megathread will be made soon.

I just want to put this out first before anything else; The Finobe 2016 client is NOT a virus. It doesn't contain any types of viruses, like Trojans, Malware, Spyware or Adware. These are all false positives, and you can run it in a Virtual Machine to prove that fact.

The reason the Finobe 2016 client is detected as a virus by antiviruses is due to the lack of digital certificate signage for the validity of the software, and also due to the fact that the client is protected and packed by VMProtect. VMProtect is used to reduce any chance of exploits being made or used for the client, and is also used to protect the client from any user-made modifications.

It also just so happens that OTHER executables that both lack digital certificate signage and use VMProtect to pack the contents ALSO become identified by antiviruses as Trojans with false positives too, more specifically the Trojan "Tiggre!plock" which is the exact same false positive that Finobe is identified as.

The combination of both VMProtect and unsigned certificates mislead antiviruses to pick up the client as a Trojan. This explains why a few months ago, the client wasn't detected by antiviruses. Back then the certificates were still signed, and so antiviruses deemed the program safe, but the certificates had just expired recently. The expiration of the certificates trigger the antiviruses.

Here's Raymonf's brief explanation about why antiviruses are more sensitive to packed executables: https://pizzaboxer.xyz/assets/finobe/vmprotect.png

Anyway, let's get on with the support thread!


[Issue 1] The installer is in Chinese!!! I don't know what it is saying!!

[Issue 2] Uninstalling/Reinstalling the client

[Issue 3] The file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software

[Issue 4] The system cannot find the file specified

[Issue 5] An error occurred while starting Finobe [ ... ] HttpSendRequest Failed

[Issue 1] The installer is in Chinese!!! I don't know what it is saying!!

I really should NOT have to put this in this thread, as it's rather stupid, but people keep complaining about it, so I guess I have to.

ONLY the installer/updater is in Chinese. Nothing else is. Once the game launches, everything will be in English and perfectly fine. The Chinese text is just some joke by Raymonf, as he's Taiwanese himself, and it's kind of a running joke at this point. The Chinese text would be basically the same as the English text that's on OBAMA BALL's installer/updater.

[Issue 2] Uninstalling/Reinstalling the client

To uninstall the client, type %LOCALAPPDATA% in the Search bar of either your start menu search or Windows Explorer/My Computer/This PC. You should find a folder with the name Finobe in there.
Navigate to the Versions folder and find the folder with ONLY PenelopeLauncher.exe. As of now, it's folder version-d08f8fd5d1ece726.
Run a Command Prompt window within the folder by Shift + Right-click
[thanks coke for telling me about this] Type in PenelopeLauncher.exe -Uninstalland press enter. [This deletes any registry keys and any shortcuts made, ensuring a proper cleanup. It will usually delete all the files too, but sometimes it won't. In that case, you will just have to delete the folder manually yourself]
If the Uninstall command didn't delete the Finobe folder, then navigate back to the Local Appdata folder and delete the Finobe folder. And it's uninstalled.
To reinstall the client, just run the installer again. You can find it at https://finobe.com/download/sixteen just in case you deleted it or something.

[Issue 3] The file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software

This issue occurs due to your antivirus registering the client as a Trojan. Read the explanation so that you can understand that it's really not. There's a lot of wording to fix this so I'll just have the instructions in steps.
[1] Close the installer
[2] Uninstall the 2016 Client. You can do so by reading [Issue 2] right above this
[3] Disable your antivirus for the meantime. If you use Windows Defender, follow this guide: [https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/3569-turn-off-windows-defender-real-time-protection-windows-10-a.html] If you use another antivirus such as Avast or PC Optimizer Pro [lol] then just google for how to disable real-time protection for those. [MAKE SURE IT IS ACTUALLY DISABLED]
[4] Go ahead and run the installer again. It should install fine. If the same error pops up again, then ensure that your antivirus is actually disabled.
[5] If installation is successful, whitelist/exclude the Finobe folder located at the Local Appdata folder [%LOCLAPPDATA%] in your antivirus. Here's how to do it for Windows Defender: [https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security] If you use another antivirus such as Avast or RegClean Pro [lolol] then just search online for how to do it for your antivirus.
[6] Re-enable your protection and you should be good to go!





[Issue 4] The system cannot find the file specified

So there's usually 2 causes to this issue. If you get this error, then try both of the fixes listed below.

[Cause 1] This may be caused in addendum to the error in [Issue 3]. If you encountered the error in [Issue 3] and try to launch a game immediately after, it will show this error as your antivirus has deleted the Launcher, and so the URI won't be able to locate it. Be sure to follow the steps in [Issue 3] which is right above this one.

[Cause 2] Your Local Appdata [%LOCALAPPDATA%] folder may be write-protected. To solve this, type %LOCALAPPDATA% into your start menu search or Windows Explorer/My Computer/This PC. Go up a level [or click the Up arrow in the top left hand corner] and right-click on a folder named Local. Select Properties and make sure the Read-only (Only applies to files in folder) box is unchecked. Click Apply/Ok, and confirm the permission change.

[Issue 5] An error occurred while starting Finobe [...] HttpSendRequest Failed

OBAMA BALL had an official support page on this exact problem from 2015-2016, but it's been taken down since. I'll just quote it here.

This is an issue non-administrator accounts may be having when trying to connect to OBAMA BALL if they have Norton\Symantec or Bullguard
The error may say: An error occured while starting OBAMA BALL. HttpSendRequest failed: HRESULT 0x80072efd
First be sure your computer system date and time are correct

Instructions for Norton/Symantec

[1] Login as the administrator
[2] Run LiveUpdate
[3] Under the Norton Protection Center, in the bottom left corner, under Quick Tasks, click Run LiveUpdate
[4] Under the Norton Internet Security tab, go to Settings > Internet Security and Firewall Options > LiveUpdate > General Settings.
Make sure Automatic LiveUpdate is set to on and under Personal Firewall and Intrusion Prevention, make sure Monitor for updates is selected, and Automatically update my protection is selected for both.
[5] Schedule LiveUpdate run on a regular basis:
Go to Control Panel -> Classic View -> Symantec LiveUpdate -> Automatic LiveUpdate and change the frequency to every 4 hours.

Instructions for McAfee

[1] Open up McAfee Total Protection
[2] Click on Firewall
[3] Click on Settings
[4] Click on Program Permissions
[5] Scroll Down to OBAMA BALL [in this case, it may be changed to something like Finobe]
[6] Click on it
[7] Click Edit
[8] Then make it either Full or Outgoing
[9] Theres another one called OBAMA BALL Game; do the same thing as you did with OBAMA BALL [again, in this case, it may vary]

Instructions for Bullguard security software

[1] Open Bullguard internet security by clicking the small icon at the bottom right of your screen. On the tabs on the left, select Firewall.
[2] When Firewall is open, at the top of the window, select Profiles and 3 options will come up: High Security, Low security, or Custom Security.
[3] Double click Custom Security and locate OBAMA BALL, Play OBAMA BALL, OBAMA BALL Studio and any related OBAMA BALL files. Make sure they are all set to Allow. When you have finished, click Ok and then click Activate.

If your antivirus isn't mentioned here, what it basically boils down to is a firewall issue. Allow any mentions of Finobe that you can find in your antivirus, and make sure to allow the base URL https://prod1-setup.finobe.com/

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