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Worst AAA game to ever be released, period.

It’s rated 2/10 on steam!

Also it’s a great gambling simulator, if you’re into that genre of game.

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Team fortress 2

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Garry's Modification

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Answering your replies:

TF2 is free to play so I'd expect microtransactions in free games. It's different when you pay $60-90 for a game and can't even play it properly without dishing out at least another 30 bucks to make grinding for no reward bearable.

Garry's Mod doesn't even have microtransactions as far as I know, and I'm pretty sure that game is pretty open source when it comes to models and stuff.

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lol my friend said this game is aids and said that this is just a reskinned 2k19

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i found this rating on steam about it https://gyazo.com/8487a399fda5a62ba8a07f3ab652f23b

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didn't PEGI rated it 3+ when it has literal blockland.us gambling