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Ardy [-]

i don't comprehend

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dont think the music is bad but the stans are a big no no

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Scott [-]

Focused heavily on looks,fanbase is sonic 06 (don't forget the fanfics),lot of backstage political sad sonic 06 (which has led to suicides) and plenty more.

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Ardy [-]


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Ardy [-]

what do you mean everything

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Bts stands for "Beat the blockland.us"

Bts is OBAMA BALL blockland.us, and so is kpop. Not even considered a genre i'm pretty sure. A cultural sinkhole to be exact i think.

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Yuyuko [-]

As common with a bunch of different fandoms, people take issue with the fans and not whatever the fandom likes.

K-pop fans of notorious as they have often celebrated the death of western celebrities (Most notably Stan Lee's and Etika's death, saying stuff like "If (Celebrity) had stanned (K-pop star), then he wouldn't have died!), they're well known for going onto the trending tabs of social media sites, notably Twitter's trending hashtags, and spamming them with completely unrelated videos of k-pop stars performing. Sometimes, they even harass random people for having the smallest criticisms of k-pop songs.

TL;DR: k-pop fans suck

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wtf is a stan

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Ardy [-]

whats wrong with people that listen to it though

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Dylan [-]

there is nothing wrong with u if you listen to it just dont stan because thats weird