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i have 2 place slots but it only shows up as one and the other one is red in finobe studio

how do i enable it? it doesn't show up in my profile so i can't edit it

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  1. Go to your chrome history
  2. Find them
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nah it's too old

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you must ask mr raymand himself to change it. it might work

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find the game in finobe studio either in 2016 studio on the homepage or in any version in the publish menu, right-click on it, get the ID from the URL, and use the ID to navigate to the place. or look in your browsing history.

i told ray about this yesterday, hopefully it'll be fixed soon. you used to be able to view inactive places on your profile, but this was unintentionally removed in early 2019, and ray had no idea this entire time.

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thank you so much