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I actually have fun on here, but some people like to complain a lot when it comes to not going their way. I’m sick and tired of this, because I have seen this since I came back to finobe. It’s really easy to cause an argument, and in the end you started it. I liked the teapot idea because it let us come together and play, not fight over a package. We could take your suggestion, but say it in a nicer tone, and don’t spam. Not all of us at finite are bad, especially uni, she had the idea, but you guys still complained to her. Finobe will remain boring if we don’t change our attitude. I’d like everyone who views this, just to upvote for uni, and maybe reply.

TL;DR Please stop being immature assholes and respect the people who give back to you

Edit: does not apply TO ALL users, and were not having anymore mini events due to ungrateful people.

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i get what you are saying but there is one thing that i think we are allowed to do: criticize. if you cover your ears and don't listen to criticism, you will never grow as a creator. sure, you might do it on your own, but your products won't be at their best potential.

Edit: also i dont mean making your game based on what people say is always a good idea, sometimes people are too immature and they don't give you valid criticism.

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I understand criticism, but uni’s “criticism” is way worse. If you had read her post, she had received DMS to her saying that she is bad, and uni clearly doesn’t like it because she is becoming less motivational to even be apart of the community. She wants it to stop, and she would rather have taken the criticism in a nicer tone.

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no shut up