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How this'll work is everyone will draw the user above their reply. Post immediately when you start drawing someone, so others won't draw that person, you can edit your reply when you're done.

It's preferable you take this seriously. I don't want someone spending 90 hours to draw you, and then you draw someone else as a dot.

Since there's no one above me I will draw the person below me.

Mr. Misterblox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cacplbhu3nnhbxl/AADn6cuV-wFH3HiSlf7M6eKea?dl=0

ALSO NEW RULE! Please only reply if you're going to draw someone. I cannot control you though as I do not contain the powers of manipulation.

a ninga samuri

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I will be drawing Samuri at the moment.

Edit: https://imgur.com/gallery/qTxg8CX

I've made my drawing of SAMURI.

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can i drawn a sun with peppa pig twerkin'?

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@bhaddie Oh yeah because peppa pig is totally above the age of 18

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drawing rectangle guy rn