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back in 2017, i made this game: https://www.blockland.us.com/games/499395893/blockland.us-Forumers

It was a sort of memorial of the blockland.us forums community, by getting their avatar and posing them. Im thinking of doing that, but for Finobe. (ill try my best to port it to 2012, too.) Recently I discovered that the string https://finobe.com/api/avatar/fetch?userId= could fetch the finobe users id, which now could enable me to do the same method I did in 2017.

This game will (probably) be at crossroads. tell me the pose/action that you want your character to be doing. I'll do one myself if you dont know what it should be.

So go ahead. Hit me.

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Sure. I forum pretty much

Edit: I want 2 pumpkins in my hands. And I want to float

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Wow, I'm sure everyone will be excited to see that!

How many users do you plan on doing?

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as many as i decide as fit.

I might make just the same as the game I made above, or in crossroads.

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Damn. Pretty rad toblerone. Put me in that OBAMA BALL. Do whatever pose you think would fit me

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Floating, while holding the Darkheart sword. Without the sword is fine too.

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literally holding a bloxy cola or any drink really. standing there like one of the guys from hank of the hill.

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A reply:

Pose: Just holding my sword. Action: Idle

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i better be in it. it is mandatory. idk what pose Lole

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holding a delete tool and doing the t pose