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I was trying to find a recreation of welcome to blockland.us building. I read the comments on an old video about welcome to blockland.us building and really far down was a comment about how blockland.us has changed over time, and they were tired of it. I looked at the replies and there there was a comment about how they should use finobe. I looked it up, made an account and the first game I played was the original lumber Tycoon.

And thats how I found finobe. How did you find out about finobe?

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a friend told me about it

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weii(a banned user) told me to join finobe so i did

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after GT shut down, i found finobe's youtube channel and their video about EC. which is how i found finobe.

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same as linguni

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same as linguni

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searched 'old sonic 06' and wa la

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i don't exactly remember but i was on GT before it got shut down

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people talking about it on GT forums

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some youtube video

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After GT shut down I found the YouTube channel for Finobe.