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During the times of 2017, 2018 and early 2019. There was such a time when finoobs only earned 10 dius per day. It was total hell as a survivor of that era, i can tell you it was not fun. Stuff such as name changes, limiteds, unique's were luxuries to most finoobs, as an average finobe user did not own a limited, the only way to get rich was to sell shirts which wasn't really that profitable, the best way to get rich was to win a giveaway, just like a lottery in real life. They were extremely tough times, until a bunch of people and m3x protested on May 24. (protest forum post https://finobe.com/forum/post?id=44972) and on the next day ray finally announced that finoobs will be getting more dius, 15 more dius but it's a big change. (blog announcement https://blog.finobe.com/2019/05/25/closing-our-doors/)

Things finally got better. People could afford basic luxuries now, this was the moment finobe was waiting for.

And that is how people. the great finobe depression happened.

A history lesson for the new people, a reminder for the old people.

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now everyone has dominis and domino crowns

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Finobe is depression

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im still as poor in liquid assets as i was in the finobe depression

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didnt u drop out of school go back

stupid lmader

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As a active finobe OG I can say that this is true.

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im poor. giv eme dius!

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I can say this is very inaccurate, back then everybody had tons of dius. It was normal for finobe to have tens of thousands of dius because some rich guy donated them 10k and sell a boss white hat to make a ton more, now a days it’s rare for people to have over 1,000 dius.

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Shut the sonic 06 up school drop out

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"Oh boy I wonder what happens if i sell my golden gift of something whatever so i can make money after it opens"

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i dont care