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Hello! Today I am going to be teaching everyone who has a computer that runs on MacOS and how they can play finobe. I personally have a Mac and I use this way to Dual Boot my computer to run MacOS and Windows which in return lets me play finobe.

  1. First you must download the Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) on the microsoft website. Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO

  2. When installing the Disc Image select 64-bit and let the file download.

  3. Drag this file over to your desktop and press the search bar in the top right of your hot bar.

  4. Type in Boot Camp Assistant and click enter.

  5. You will have to follow the steps by managing your hard drive to make space for windows.

  6. After managing your hard drive and installing windows you will have to restart your Mac.

  7. While, your Mac is starting up on a black screen hold the ALT key to pick MacOS or Windows.

  8. When selected Windows you may now set up your account.

  9. The final step of finishing your desktop and making Windows functional you must access the Boot Camp Companion on Windows, this will set up internet and your profile.

  10. Now all you have to do is login to finobe, download the launcher and you are all set!

This method also doesn’t limit you to only finobe. You may also download other software that is only available to Windows aswell! I hope this solved any questions. Since, there is no other way you can play finobe on MacOS this is the only way you can work around it.

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thats cool

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You could also use a virtual machine such as Virtual box and put the Windows ISO in there if you don't want to bother with bootcamp. Great thing about Windows is it can essentially run on anything, so it should for the most part be fine in VM

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boot camp is a verified way so it is more reliable.

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nice tutorial !! wine doesn't work for finobe due to certain libraries, so this is a great alternative

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an admin did it so people don't have to keep doing it


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literally motivates mac users to get a win10 partition on their mac. nah. i thought of an mac executable of 2012 when i saw this.

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Well I guess I will be hearing less children asking developers to put their PC only game on mac or some other Bullshit like nokia or something

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this is just telling you how to install bootcamp lol

i'm very sure mac owners already knew about bootcamp

there's gonna be people that want to use macos while playing finobe

also, don't use a vm as a legitimate way of playing finobe through macos, it's going to run like sonic 06 lol