- This is Frustration Obby, a new game I've made in under 6 hours.

I'm tired, I'm burning up, and I'm frustrated at myself for making this. This is literally the hardest obby I've made, and it can get pretty bullshit. If you don't know how to use 2012's physics effectively and just keep spamming like an idiot thinking "hey funny man will jump when i press it without any kind of jump delay or specific physics quirks that can be easily avoided whatsoever", you probably won't beat this. No, I'm not decreasing the difficulty unless it's extremely unfair or changing it to 2016.

If you encounter any glitches, or broken parts of the game, DM me on discord at "whiteroach#1484", or you can just send me a message here on Finobe.

That's all I have to say, don't sue me for either wasting your time or for burning your eyes with the cursed skybox. The first person to beat this who isn't an admin will earn my eternal respect. Thanks!