The suggestions board is a place for getting your ideas noticed. If there is a feature that Finobe desperately needs, get it noticed by posting it here! Our forum moderators will relay the best ideas to the higher-ups.


  1. Check to see if your idea has been posted before. Duplicated threads will be deleted.
  2. Spamming your threads to get it noticed or posting the same idea multiple times will get it removed. Repeat offenses will result in a ban.
  3. Off-topic threads that aren't suggestions will be removed, and your account will be banned on the first offense.
  4. Do not make item/catalog suggestions!

WHAT NOT TO SUGGEST (written by former site moderator [now only discord, subredit, and wiki moderator] Paris):

  • "Fix ID=15!" (we can't. blame the server hosters for that issue.)
  • "Add a second currency like tickets!" (unnecessary. no.)
  • "Make the site look like old sonic 06!" (we'd rather not get DMCA'd. also unnecessary. use stylish and make an unofficial userstyle for this site that looks like old sonic 06 if you feel like it, or install one that somebody else has already made.)
  • "Patch all exploits!" (not possible. we can patch as many exploits as we can, but we can't completely stop people from exploiting.)
  • "Add a swear filter/censor bad words!" (this is not supposed to be something that the community can vote on.)
  • Map suggestions. (this board is for suggestions related to finobe's development, website, and client, not for maps specifically.)

This thread will receive multiple updates when needed.