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(again) Because of YouTube's incompetence we are never moving back there, while there is an archive on the site under https://finobe.com/videos there is some content missing (such as the unofficial OBAMA BALL soundtrack and the Finobe OST) and other behind the scenes footage that's never been released, I have mirrored the entire channel yet again on Vimeo (with the original thumbnails! :D) and I hope to upload some more unused content from the YouTube channel once I get the green light from some of the creators.

On top of that some videos will be in higher quality on Vimeo due to me having to compress some of them on Finobe's site due to a 100mb limit per file.

https://vimeo.com/finobe - We may eventually decide to begin uploading new videos onto the channel so make sure you follow us!

One thing I want to address is people asking for an downloadable archive of the entire channel, while i'd love to go ahead and set that up I don't have the permission of the various editors to do so, and I'd prefer not to give it away as it'd be disrespectful.

So for now you can enjoy Finobe's history on another platform!

kay blue shiba

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YAY! you guys should try LBRY, its like youtube but if you made it work with bitcoin and blockland.us.

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Amazing, thank you Kay.

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poggers champ

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i would've preferred literally any other website but as long as it works it's fine ig

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what do you have against vimeo 🤔

kay blue shiba

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You should try VidLii, it's based off 2009-2012 youtube, kinda like how Finobe is based off 2012/2016 OBAMA BALL, idk may fit?

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vimeo supports


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vimeo accept nudity would that mean we get finobe nudity???? :Flushed: mormenebtbrnt