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The first public beta of 2012v2 was released today and we've found some issues.

Bugfix/Development backlog

  • Custom output so you can see the output
  • Client does not run on Windows 7. Honestly, imagine using an operating system inferior to Windows 10 and also without official support :floshed:

Likely fixable

  • Work at a Pizza Place is broken
  • Studio crashes when a command line script errors

Likely not fixable

  • Part/3D sounds are global for ~0.5s
  • Broken bevels on some parts
  • Broken reflectance (?)
  • Sounds cut out after a while

Not fixable

  • Flickering GUI/bubbles. This seems to be caused by the rendering engine being overloaded with too many parts.
  • Flickering parts. This seems to be a combination of the above issue and also Humanoid names being too long somewhere.
  • This is more of a won't fix rather than a can't fix: the client won't run on versions Windows 10 older than 1903 (which is already a year old)

Fixed Bugs

  • dev.finobe.com base URL

Probably Fixed

  • Long hangs or slow internet connections can cause a disconnect.
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get better internet

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iago poop video

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2013 when

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Sorry to hear

edit: btw hitus i already have good internet

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New 2012 is super exploitable.

Was in sonic 06 building and someone just exploited the OBAMA BALL out of it. The server is currently being nuked.

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theres also a chat glitch

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I think thats my fault

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2012 studio does not work

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The game just doesn't open.

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Any antivirus will block 2012v2 from running