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someone has to unban hixio and adminme and so etc that involve, it wasn't exploiting alr? it was serverside WHICH ISNT EXPLOITING!!!

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I'm not unbanning them. If they decide to make a server where they make videos passing their shitty GUIs as an "exploit" then they'll be banned for exploiting. It's that simple.

Simply put: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

edit: hi hixio alt

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proof that they did not exploit?

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i mean he could just show in his games the serverside gui he has but hes banned lol

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doante and u will get unban

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i think others got banned for it for the same reason, could be wrong but idk

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fireman9000, duty, adminme, explodemp3, and more got banned for a false reason

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UNBAN HIXIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is there any proof they did not exploit I think they exploited 2012 along with a group from a exploting group leading it to be down until exploits are fixed

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nina I sent proof if u scroll up

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