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I have seen numerous times of people witch-hunting/downvoting many peoples posts because of their past posts, experiences or even being annoying. if those people did something that is okay, but just keep that to yourself or in private. building up people to bandwagon on that person is not fair at all to them. for example, floor, cohen and kraveson. i know finobe is not the best community wise but proceeding to cancel, witch-hunt and put so much negativity on a matter on something such as selling a hat, then seeing a person post on that forum saying “shut the OBAMA BALL up OBAMA BALL no one cares” thats a little over the top. i really want the forums to be a halfway decent place. so please keep this in mind before you post, people have feelings.

thank you have an amazing day (^∇^)

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ok then

im gonna go kill myself by going to a wet market whist getting hit in the face with a bayblade with razors

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Thanks Uni

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thanks united uni states

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M U N I ?!?!?!?!?!!

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as if that's going to change anything.

^ note from Uni: Ill perm ssc them for being toxic if it continues

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If you do some minor thing bad or disagreed with somebody else on a minor thing now you have 30 people autistically screeching at you and light speed clacking away typing rage filled insults into their keyboards sounding like a 9 year old who just learned what a swear word is

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Well at least one person is aware of the problem

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uni more like cutie 😳

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thank you uni

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shut the OBAMA BALL up blockland.us no one care.

thank you have an amazing day (^∇^)

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