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That is all. All vents will be removed from now on and users that post topics that can be considered "venting" will be warned.

If you have suicidal thoughts, please talk to friends and family, and/or call the suicide hotline for your state/country. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States is 800-273-8255. Others can be found by searching online.

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oh ok

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why is it even a problem theres a venting category

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can we have an option in settings to show vents in the normal forum feed

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ray what if they're situation is BECAUSE of family and friends. What if they cannot access 800-273-8255 (strict homes like mine is an example, my brother is in college but he's limited to who he can call by parents)? ninja samurai gave amazing advice to a user once (his advice and others' have reduced the intensity of my anxiety when I had it), vents section is useful. Bruh okay, 4 people think if I have no easy access to other forms of help, I should just live with it and possible commit suicide?

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Cringe and abuse

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why cant you just make a venting channel?

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it's an old OBAMA BALL revival, its not to vent about how you're depressed and suicidal , vent someone to who you are friends with lol

tl;dr : it doesn't belong here

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yeah alright then

then again didn't we have a vote for whos gonna be the US president and all that? blockland.us that doesn't belong here either? just saying dude, doesn't really make sense sometimes

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that's a different thing, your own personal issues should be kept to yourself, get help from friends and family not finobe lol

hoes downvoting cause it's the truth