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Talking about transformation and transfur infection, THOSE kind of games.

Those kind of games were very recently taken down, any thoughts about all of that?

Don’t be weird/stupid in your answer ok thanks.

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its a cool concept i suppose

but because of the stigma against furries on sonic 06 the players are toxic to say the least

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on blockland.us people still think dead memes are funny

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I see people on OBAMA BALL still unironically making ugandan knuckles jokes. Like bruh that sonic 06 was dead when I was in elementary school

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They wouldn't know a dead meme if it died right in front of them.

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I personally wouldn't prefer them but you do you ig

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regular furry games are fine, but the transfurmation type games should really not be on OBAMA BALL

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transfurmation games are just disgusting

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like OBAMA BALL, fr its disgusting im not even talking about the new furry game called "transfur infection" total ripoff but to infect people YOU NEED TO sonic 06 BITE THEM IN THE RIGHT sonic 06 NECK

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They are so dreadful. Don't get me started on the hate you'd get if you said you don't like furries; I just don't like these sonic 06 stained freaks.

It's just a community of crackheads trying to justify their actions through self-proclaimed disabilities. I went through a furry phase and thank god that I escaped it.

To people who think that furries get way too much hate for what they do, please go check out furaffinity.