Privacy Policy
  • We store your IP address and e-mail address. We might use it as a unique identifier. We won't give it away.
  • Your password is hashed. No, we don't give it away. Blowfish is cool.
  • We use cookies. If you disable them, the site will break in half. So don't. I mean, you can, but the site won't work.
  • We use Google Analytics and have ads. We send the Google people your user ID whenever you visit the site, unless you have an ad blocker.
  • Our server location varies, if that matters at all. It could be hosted in Europe one day, and a random country like Romania the next day. We aren't a corporation. This is considered a side-project an educational project of the creator.
  • In the event of a data breach, we'll have a notice up. We also might send out an e-mail if we have the funds for that (because bulk e-mails are expensive).
  • In the event we do show something that contains your e-mail or IP address in public, it will be fully or partially blurred.
  • When you play, a unique identifier may be created.
  • We don't sell your info to third-parties.
  • Many actions on the Finobe website are logged. For example, selling a item. They may be visible to staff members, and may contain information like your IP address and username.
  • We use Cloudflare! That means everything you do goes through them.
  • GDPR is trash. If you are in Europe, don't use the site. Or do, but don't cry to us with a GDPR email because we won't respond.
  • To explain that last point, we do not delete accounts for any reason.

There are a few registered trademarks on this page. Those rights (and other rights) go to their respective owners. In other words, they are not us.

This page (and its contents) may change without any notice, at any time. Buuuuuut if we figure out bulk e-mails and feel nice we might send an e-mail out about a change.