Here lies Finobe (2017~2021)

I've been asked for clarification about the shutdown quite a few times now, and it has finally gotten to the point where it's actually somewhat annoying.

In particular, I've been asked about "the letter" that I'd received, with some even claiming that it wasn't real. Whether you believe it is real or not is none of my business, but it really just boils down to one line: "Do not use or distribute any Roblox content, including anything derived from Roblox code (including binaries directly from Roblox) or we will not hesitate to sue."

The only reason the letter hasn't been released publicly is because I was told to not release it. And frankly, I don't really care either way, though there are a few people that are still active in the ORC with a picture of the actual letter. I trust them to not release it, though who knows what'll happen in the future.

In any case, I'd like to take this opportunity to say farewall, formally. By now, many of our former staff members have left the ORC. I will make good on my promise to either release forum data or make a forum archive eventually. I can't allow people to download their uploaded content because a lot of it is derived from content from Roblox. Sorry about that.

Farewell Messages from the Staff Team

  • Uni:return to monke
    m3x is a dummy
  • Shen:gakirorhelrheudornueienrbfiei
  • Zlarb:cya gamer
  • kinery/Connor:finobe was fun and i appreciated it a lot (even though i had a stupid exit) thank you for the fun times :-) see y'all around
  • ellie:"This is my wish: "please, destroy me. Otherwise, you will be destroyed. Only one life-form can be chosen to evade the destruction and seize the future! And you are not the existence which should die. You need the future; it is what you live for! Thank you Shinji, my life was meaningful because of you." - Kaworu Nagisa
  • melo/BrianGriffen/wakko:
  • woofaroo:dont put anything for me because everything id put would be contemptuous(lol he is stupid)
  • Explosive:hi
  • Slappy:elon musk is stupid uninstall twitter roblox is owned by china
  • Iago:please find better things to do
  • jamrio:stuff
  • Dark Gary:
  • Natalie:shoutout to ezra she is cute
  • Ahead:Blockland


Last updated 1/14/2022 (現在已不是雙十日。)